About Us

Riverwalk Theater

The Riverwalk Theater is a community- and family-centric movie theater located in downtown Edwards, CO. We strive to deliver the very best film content and continually source different types of films that we believe would interest our community of moviegoers. We bring people together by providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where you can connect through a cinematic experience or over a beer on our patio. We feel fortunate to be a place that locals and visitors alike come to have fun.

Edwards Supply Company

ESCO is a venture we added to the Riverwalk Theater block in 2019. ESCO provides two basic things for the Eagle River Valley community: A shared workspace and – what we like to call – functional and lo-fi coffee. Our goal is to provide a place for people to connect at work or before a day on the ski hill by delivering a collaborative workspace as well as a coffee shop concept that works for the active mountain lifestyle.


We’re lucky to live, play and work in the Eagle River Valley and a place like this shows us just how great it can be to get together and disconnect. That’s why we’re inviting you to enjoy our lo-fi cafe, located in the foyer of the Riverwalk Theater. Take a seat with friends after a day on the slopes or a nice bike ride and sip some delicious coffee or take advantage of solo time with a book or the paper.

Vendor Partners

We believe that the success of our community benefits all Eagle River Valley businesses directly and we have the opportunity to use our business to support various non-profits through special events at our theater and direct charitable giving. We have identified three main pillars to support in our community; Education, Environment/Outdoors and Mental Health. Please reach out to us if you think we can help you advance your cause.

Community Partners